Saturday, 2 August 2014

The day Boo met Bow

So, today was the day.

A very handsome chap called Bow travelled down from Derbyshire to meet Boo for a date.

As his owners Natalie and Joe brought him into the courtyard, I liked him immediately. He has such a lovely nature, is very friendly, and as soon as he clapped eyes on Boo, it was obvious he wanted to be more than friends.

Boo liked him too.....



Bow felt very pleased with himself afterwards.....

And then both were relaxed enough to pose for a photo...and were remarkably affectionate with each other.

 But all too soon it was time for Bow to go to back to Derbyshire, so there was a quick goodbye at the gate.

Since he's been gone, Boo has been a little unsettled. She's on her favourite wicker chair though, asleep on her blanket, no doubt dreaming of Bow and a rather surprising Saturday morning...

Nine weeks to you'd better watch this space......
Today's track is from John Newman...."Love me again"


  1. Ah! Glad it went well but Boo is so little, she only seems like a baby herself! Suppose we all have to grow up some time!

    1. True Alex, but this is her fourth season which apparently is the right time to do the deed!

  2. Like I said on FB, today your little girl, Boo, became a woman! Bless her!!

  3. Such a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning. . . .

  4. It was certainly different Jo!