Thursday, 31 July 2014

A day which redeemed itself eventually

Well, what a day!

I managed to leave work an hour over shift , and got to the car park opposite the BBC . When I say opposite, it is as the crow flies. It used be a quick little walk across by another little car park, but at the moment it's a longer walk.

The new Jubilee Square which is under construction  has cut off the entrance to our building, and we have to go around the block to go through the back door at the moment. Which is nice.

Anyway, I got to my car in the delightful NCP Car Park, walking up one flight of stairs, inhaling the revolting smell of urine soaked steps, and got to my car. As you drive out of the car park, you turn right  - you're on what is called St Nicholas Circle.  A huge traffic island  with a Holiday Inn plonked in the centre of it. Which is nice.

As I drove out around the circle, my car died . Just stopped, lights flashed on the dashboard, and that was it. No power whatsoever. You can imagine the delight of all the drivers coming up behind me. Despite my putting the flashers on, and gesticulating wildly for them to go around me, there were horns going, a few signs ( who knew two fingers or even one could convey such a fervent message?)
and I really did start to worry. How could I get the car to a safe position? Would my back end get shunted?

No one came to help....I was trying to phone for help without success, but then I gotr lucky. Help arrived - it wasn't the  cavalry, because he'd got out of a car, but he really was a knight in shining armour. His name was Paul Dickinson and he was  from British Gas...taking charge of the situation, he caught the attention of two Polish guys walking past .They couldn't speak any English, but with sign language he got them to help and all three of them pushed my around the traffic island to the hotel with the car park I'd just come out of.

Paul, thanks very much! And I'm sorry it took so long to get your breath back.And thank you to the car breakdown man with no teeth who arrived and was so cheery as he helped get the car started.

Three hours after leaving work, I finally got home, tired, and hungry.

But there was good news....for the last few months, I've been trying to find a suitable suitor for my lovely little dog Boo.  She may not be fussy, but I am, and I'd been looking for another black patterdale cross border terrier for her to have pups with. I'd even mentioned on twitter that Boo needed a dog....and I got accused of pimping her out on the internet!

Anyway, the problem has become a pressing one...Boo is in season and Shreddie, a lovely Jack Russell who also lives in the village ,is determined to have his evil way with Boo. He sits outside our gates howling to get in. He follows Boo on her walks with Mr Thinking of the Days, and today was lying in wait in the lane hiding in the long grass, and as they walked past, he pounced. |Boo had to be carried home held high so he couldn't get her.

Anyway, tonight I've sorted out the bridegroom (well it is "wedding season") for Boo. He's such a handsome chap , exactly what I wanted and he's so like Boo to look at , it's untrue.


They're meeting on Saturday and I'm going to be encouraging her to do what I told my children never to do, and that's sleep with someone on their first date. And apparently  their "date" is going to cost me seventy pounds.

Still, that's cheaper than what my car is going to cost me tomorrow, as I need a new starter motor, battery and a few other little bits.

But although I was so cross and flustered earlier ,stuck in the road in a car which wouldn't move, and cursing all the unhelpful people who honked their horns at me, it's a great feeling that there are genuinely nice ones who go out of their way to help someone. People like Paul Dickinson.

I'm also excited about what could happen in about nine weeks time. The patter of tiny paws that's a day to look forward to.......

Today's track is from the incredibly talented Jimi Hendrix...a song that I found myself singing as I drove home tonight - Cross Town traffic




  1. Poor you re the car. Yay boo re the suitor. It only takes nine weeks? That's quick! Isn't nature amazing!

  2. Yes about 63 days for a dog, and 2 years for an elephant! Can't wait to have puppies!

  3. So glad someone rescued you. I still believe that most people are fundamentally kind and helpful, and this another incident to illustrate it.

    I hope Boo enjoys her wedding night. (My brother has decided that both his dogs are gay!)

  4. Yes I was lucky jo....and yes, most people are, but even so I was very grateful.As for your brother's gay that's a story!