Monday, 28 July 2014

One of the loveliest days ever....The Wedding

It's two months since my darling daughter was married. It's gone by in a flash, and there isn't a day that goes without me smiling or laughing at some memory of the day itself.

We woke to rain. I 'm not just talking about a soft refreshing shower. Or  a steady teeming of rain. Or even a heavy shower. This was an angry, persistent rain which showed no signs of stopping.

And it didn't. The windscreen wipers in my car couldn't keep up with the water and spray as Mama and I made our way to the hairdressers, and again on journey home. I'd also picked up my friend Dimple who was going to make up Lucy, Mama and I. She saw Mama's distress at the rain and told us that in India, when it rained on your wedding day, it was said to be heaven's way of showering you with blessings.

Mama smiled and said " We will be very blessed today indeed!"

And do you know what ?We were. There was one moment at midday when I saw Lucy's face looking through the window, and I nearly cried. How were we to get her to the church, and everyone across the field to the marquee?

I didn't cry but my son Billy did as he saw his big sister in her wedding dress. As did Mr Thinking of the Days too. She looked beautiful, stunningly lovely in her old lace wedding dress.


But miraculously, the rain stopped ten minutes before the wedding ceremony, and as planned we were able to walk down to church.

My boys and I 

At the church gates


And I simply adore this picture of Harry and Lucy with their bridesmaids, Ellie, Sarah, Emma and Grace as they walked through the village to the marquee

And this one is another favourite by the field gate...

And that's where I'm going to stop with the photos. There are so many of them, all so well taken by Matt Horan , if I included all of my favourites , this could just become the longest blog in history.
Instead, I'm going to leave you with a video taken by my gorgeous nephew Ollie. He's a photographer and videographer who made a short video of the highlights of Lucy and Harry's big day.
It captures perfectly the very essence of the day....the anticipation, the emotion, especially when Billy sees his sister in her wedding dress, when Mr Thinking of the days sees Lucy dressed up for the very first time, the fun, the laughter, the love, and some of the shenanigans which occurred later. The dancing...oh the dancing, where we danced all night to a brilliant disco from Alex Wright.And sharing it all with our lovely family and friends who came from far and wide.
The video  arrived today, and I've cried and laughed each time I've watched it. And above all, each frame shows off my darling daughter...beautiful, vivacious, unspoilt and so much in love with her new husband.
Why not sit down with a cup or glass of something and have a look....
The track "Into the Mystic "by Van Morrison was their first dance, and the other tracks were featured in a wedding soundtrack which were given as favours to all of our friends and family
So thank you Ollie....and here he is, strutting his stuff later....


  1. What a beautiful bride! Lovely photos and I'm so glad the rain stopped for you. Thanks for sharing these family photos. Your happiness and pride leaps off the page.

    1. So pleased that you like the photos Alex....and yes, I'm one helluva proud mum!

  2. Oh wonderful wedding, i appreciate your article keep it continue.
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  3. Ah, that looks just the right mix of relaxed and happy REAL beauty. You look stunning in that hat and dress, Bridget!

    1. Ooh pippa...thanks..praise indeed! mind you, when else can you get to wear a big hat??? Apart from a Buckingham Palace tea party? I still have the hat I wore to that too....if anyone needs to borrow one....

  4. We didn't finalize our menu until a few weeks before the wedding, but honestly, don't worry about it. Many of our guests told us it was the best wedding they'd ever been to!

  5. Lovely photos and what a gorgeous bride.It looks like a wonderful time was had by all and I bet you shed a tear.

    1. Yes I did,,,a little one, but i really did shed a few when I saw the video for the first time!

  6. Coo! You don't half scrub up well! Love it! X

    1. OOH! You say the nicest things Ros!