Friday, 22 August 2014

The day of the flower show

It's been feeling slightly autumnal this week...a chill in the evening air, some rain, and leaves on some trees are beginning to change colour.

But last weekend, it still felt like high summer down in North Somerset as I went to see Mama for the weekend. On Saturday afternoon we went off to the annual flower  show in her village, which was like a trip back in a time.

The Tickenham Flower Show has been held since 1947....and the basic principles of the show haven't changed -it's all very low key. It's not a large or flashy show with fair rides, burger vans or any of that malarkey, but the showing classes are taken  seriously, and it's a chance for everyone to meet up, have tea, and bask in the success of winning prizes.

Mama headed straight for the village hall to do her stint serving teas with her friend Gwen and all the others in the kitchen

It's in the marquee that you see how creative villagers are...and green fingered...

They may be just raspberries on leaves, but I think they are utterly beautiful....

And this winner certainly knows how to style his vegetables.....

And look at the beautiful simplicity of these tiny chillies...

One class of flower exhibits were travel themed -I loved this interpretation of a Singapore sling....

A country tea...

I also liked the simplicity and sheer cheerfulness of the children's efforts....

There was also an art and craft exhibition....

Out on the field, everyone had cream teas or ice creams

while the  band played a selection of tunes from the hits of the 1940's to television theme tunes.

Young children played on the grass in fancy dress, babies sat on their mother's knees in the shade, and some of the men enjoyed  a pint in the cider in the sunshine.

And I won a coconut, which is the first time in my life that's ever happened!

Then there was the serious business of the presentation of prizes, before everyone drifted off  in a wave of  "See you next year"after a happy few hours on a summer's afternoon. A few hours away from the news, violence and crises around the world, a few hours of the simple traditional pleasures of a country village.

 Today's track is one of the theme tunes the Portishead Band played last Saturday. Imagine the sunshine, the ambience ...and this blasting out....Love this!



  1. Ah, what a lovely post. I adore flower shows, the way that people take such a lot of trouble with their produce. I hope they never die out!
    Those raspberries are absolutely wonderful.....

    1. Thanks very much Jenny. Yes, I love flower shows interesting to people watch as well as look at the produce! And as for those raspberries - perfection!

  2. This is a lovely blog post, Bridget, and I think that your photographic skills have further enhanced it. You must give me some photography lessons one of these days. Is your Mum the one on the left?

  3. thanks Ros..and I can give you a few tips. I need more than a few myself though! And yes, it's my lovely Mum on the left.