Friday, 8 November 2013

Days when Winnie comes to stay....

I hear you've already been told about the new whipper snapper called Winnie - the puppy who's joined the family.
See here  When we met Winnie

Well, I've seen quite a bit of her since she arrived three or four weeks ago. She even came for a sleepover during the first week, and she'd only been here about five minutes before she was trying to find something to eat in my bowl! I'm calling her Princess Pushy from now on........

Anyway, the first time her owners left her with us, I thought she might be slightly frightened...after all she was only eight weeks old. So I tried to jolly her along with a bit of a game....and she went bananas. Playing, jumping, biting my ears, and pulling on my beard....which was the last straw. I retreated for a while, but she was like a Duracell battery...she just kept on going.

Mrs Thinking of the Days decided that enough was enough , and sat us both on the sofa, and eventually Winnie and I went to sleep. Well, it was X Factor on the telly....

When it was time for bed, she was put in her cage, and I sat on my chair, but it was so strange to have another dog in my kitchen at night time, especially one that cried.

Still, she's here every weekend now....and I have to say Winnie is growing on me. But when we play, even though I've shown her that we don't really bite or hurt people,  she forgets, and as she has the sharpest little teeth, I sometimes have to growl at her.

However, what really gets my goat, is how she invades my space. Nowhere is sacred...even my computer chair, where I sit right beside Bridget when she's tip tapping away at the computer.  I make my displeasure known of course but Winnie takes no notice and just goes to sleep.

And sometimes I have to give in otherwise I wouldn't get a moments peace.

She doesn't sleep for long though, and although she's become sort of house trained, she still leaves quite a few puddles on the floor. I'm calling her Wee Winnie at the moment....

And the other week, she had the audacity to pull down my hand knitted blanket, a gift to me from Mama, onto the floor and dragged it under the table, on the edge of one of those puddles, and sit there like Lady Muck. I was just about to tell Winnie her fortune (and it wasn't a good one) when I was stopped by Bridget. You can tell I'm not happy though, can't you?


These sleepovers seem to  becoming a regular thing....which I'm quite enjoying now....especially on a Saturday night in front of the telly.

I wonder whether Winnie is coming this weekend?

 Here's a video of Winnie and I - you see what I'm having to put up with?


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