Saturday, 16 November 2013

A what a bargain day

I nipped out at lunchtime the other day to buy some salad stuff from the market...the usual lettuce, tomatoes, some crisp celery, that sort of thing. That was all.

But as I walked away from the stall, I caught sight of a big mound of limes.....nine for 50 pence. Nine? For how much? Why were they so cheap? After all, in my local supermarket they are selling for thirty five pence each.  I took a few paces back, closely gave them the once over yet they were all perfect apart from one which was fine but a little yellow.

Two minutes later they were in my basket, despite the fact that I'd had no intention of buying a lime at all, let alone nine of them.

As I walked back to work, I began to plan some pork and lime adaptation of a delicious Nigel Slater recipe, but what to do with the remaining eight limes...?

Then I thought of Lucy Cufflin's coconut, ginger and lime cake....which is an old stalwart from the time when we were both on a British Red Cross committee consisting of about ten women of all ages.  Every summer, some very generous people would open their garden in aid of the Red Cross, and we would provide the teas and sell cakes etc.

Lucy's cakes were always absolutely wonderful to look at and pretty tasty too. No wonder , as she is a cordon bleu trained chef, has her own food business and has written a cookbook, called Lucy's Food. so I'm going to make that cake later.

But what to do with the remaining seven limes?

Well, one or two of them will be used up tonight. In a delightful concoction. In a jug, with mint and alcohol.  Well, mint is still growing in the garden so I might as well use some....  

But what am I going to do with the remaining five limes?

I'd really like your suggestions please, so what are your favourite lime based recipes? I'd love to try out some of your suggestions.

And have you ever frozen lime juice? Does it taste good when thawed?

Today's track is by Jack Penate, which I've been singing along to at the top of my voice in the kitchen this afternoon. Boo and Winnie shot me withering glances. They don't appreciate my singing, but I'm sure you will love this song which is "Be the one"



  1. If they last till it's really hot (no idea if they freeze) lime juice with fizzy water and masses of ice is wonderful!

  2. Yours is the fierst non alcoholic suggestion I've had! On facebook and in pms everyone was suggesting margahritas, caiperinas, tequila slammers etc! aND did have a very large mojito last night.

    But you're right , fresh lime and fizzy water sounds very thirst quenching. Now to freeze a couple of limes.

    Any more suggestions anyone?

  3. If you run out of ideas (lemon and lime meringue pie?) you can cut the limes up into segments and freeze them reading to pop into drinks. I do this with lemons too. It works well. Lovely post. It makes me want to start cooking with a cocktail by my side!

  4. Oh yes, I'll do the meringue this weekend. And freeze the segment! Hadn't thought of that.....well done Alex!

    As for cooking with cocktails.....oh yes!