Saturday, 1 June 2013

cow parsley days

My world is awash with white at the moment....I can't go anywhere at the moment without seeing these delicate white flowers.

Around the village, at the front of every hedgerow, in every lane,  the cow parsley is in blossom

Turning each corner, I can smell it's freshness on the breeze before I can see it and so can Boo...


Huge swathes of  what my granny used to call Queen Anne's lace...

Such a pretty name, but it has another one...keck. Why the heck would someone call it keck? 
But it's also known by so many other names too....John Clare writes about "kicksies white "in Asylum Poems , and there's others such as Fairy Lace (one of my favourite names), Gipsy's Umbrella, Cow Mumble, and Adder's Maet .
Botanists call it Anthriscus sylvestris. Whatever it's called though, its blowsy charm is so welcome as it signals summer is on its way....finally!
What do you call it?
Today's track is from Kings of Convenience, a Norwegian band who I've really appreciated for quite a few years ....after I saw them play live at a festival. I just love their understated vocals and harmonies, and sublime guitar playing....and this sound suits me down to the ground on a sunny evening like tonight....relaxing with a glass of chilled white wine...

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