Thursday, 2 October 2014

The day Boo gave birth

It all happened yesterday, three days before due date.

Boo refused breakfast before I went to work, and she 'd not eaten her supper either the day before. Mr Thinking of the days whose nose has not been out of the excellent "Book of the Bitch " for weeks,

said this could be of significance. She was also shivering, so I wrapped Boo up in her blanket and Mr Thinking of the Days nodded, saying this also could be significant.

I went off to work leaving him with a strict reminder that he was to call the moment anything happened. No call by mid morning so I rang quickly...he said he 'd taken Boo for a walk and she was fine. Nothing to worry about at all.

I was half way through eating a jacket potato at lunchtime when my mobile rang. An agitated man was on the other end...."Oh my God" he shouted...she's amazing, I can't believe it!"
Holding the phone slightly further away from my ear as it was hurting from the volume.....he went on "There's two of them, a girl and a boy......they're brilliant", and before I could ask any questions there was a strangled cry and in an extremely loud voice "The third is coming...I'm putting the phone down now!"

I waited ten to fifteen minutes , but no more phone calls. By now I was so excited, yet worried that something had gone wrong. I rang back....the third, another boy, had been delivered was safe and sound according the shouty assistant midwife .

 A fuzzy photo was sent by e mail, I gasped and oohed and aahed and showed the photo to any of my colleagues who would look. One of them, who I shan't name, (oh go on then, it was Giles) shouted out across the newsroom "Bridget wants to show you her puppies" ...and I assure you he will pay for that at some stage.

As soon as I arrived home , Boo came racing to the door, as always, to welcome me. I gave her lots of fuss as usual, and she ran to her whelping box to show me her little darlings. Three perfect little puppies, who are all showing signs of  their dual border terrier and patterdale terrier heritage.

So here they are today.....24 hours old.....

The little girl is the smallest with the browny, Border tinge. I'm absolutely besotted with them, and have spent a couple of hours just watching and admiring them, plus giving lots of praise and fuss to their gorgeous Mum Boo....who is looking extremely proud and perky.



  1. They are adorable!! Congratulations Boo xxx

  2. thanks Ros! And I have passed on your message to Boo ....

  3. Oh bless!!!! Well done, Boo!!

  4. Lovely news! Well done, little Boo.

    1. Yes, Boo is such a good little mother....

  5. How cute are they ? Looking forward to seeing them grow !!

    1. Oh you will Mrs H....I shall no doubt bore everyone rigid with all the photos...they are changing every day!