Thursday, 18 September 2014

A day in my outdoor art gallery

After a fifteen car ride from my sleepy little village, I can catch a train to the big city, the big smoke. London is only an hour and five minute journey away. I love to visit for a day but haven't managed to this year at all apart from a work trip.
At the beginning of the year, I promised myself a trip to a nice restaurant, and a visit to an exhibition or two. Unfortunately, with work, weddings, responsibilities, illness, idleness and whatever , I've not managed it yet.
I've been miffed about missing the Matisse Exhibition at Tate Modern, The Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy, and I really fancied seeing the works of Ben Nicholson et al at the Dulwich Picture Gallery. Which I didn't.
But a week or so ago, I took Boo out for a walk , and walked up the track east out of the village. We went slowly, with Boo being in pup, and me with my poorly foot. Going oh so slowly, I looked ahead, and  realised I was in my very own outdoor art gallery....


Boo and I  admired the still life

And this piece with the russet toned agricultural machinery positioned in front of the earthy colours of such a rustic backdrop. I leant against the open gate nearby for a few minutes,  Boo by my feet, admiring and drinking in the view.

We ploughed further along the track, we came across this of nature's sculptures

As we switched direction , the sun came out over another beautiful landscape......

And another

We stopped again, and I wished, not for the first time, how I wished I could paint or draw. Still, at least I had my I phone with me to capture the sheer beauty five minutes walk away from my cottage door.

As Boo and I made our way home, I felt as excited as I am when I visit an exhibition or art gallery. More so actually, because this was like the most exclusive viewing. Only I saw those particular cloud patterns over the fields at that moment, the way the sun glistened on the straw in that second, and from those angles.

I love and feel refreshed by my visits to my outdoor art gallery with its  constantly changing exhibitions, but there's two exhibitions I'm determined to see in the next few months...."Constable - the Making of  a Master "at the V and A, and "Turner; Painting Set free" at Tate Britain.

In the meantime, I hope you've enjoyed my exhibition.....



  1. I love your own personal gallery. It is beautiful. I've managed the Cezanne exhibition at the Ashmolean this year and am hoping to visit the William Blake one which is coming up but in the meantime thank-you for reminding me to appreciate the 'art gallery' which is around me every day.

  2. Thanks Alex, I would have loved to see the Cezanne exhibition too...oh well! I hope you enjoy your own personal gallery though...

  3. Your photos today were excellent. I think the trip to London would never have been as great as the walk in the country - really beautiful and artistic photos. Jack

  4. Why thank you Jack! Much appreciated, especially from you as you take a mean photo yourself. As for your outdoor galley, you've a beautiful piece of land to see every day.

  5. Hi Bridget - wonderful photos and countryside ... I didn't get to Matisse exhibition ... but I've just seen the Late Turner one, and need to go back ... I walked around and looked, next time I'll hire the audio thingy and just listen ... but when you go please make time to see the Icelandic artist, Olafur Eliasson's take on Turner's palette ... it's in an upstairs room ...

    I gather the audio is particularly good - I was told by a young art historian volunteer ... while Eliasson's work is extraordinary at the best of times - I happened to catch his glass books and wrote about them ...

    Our countryside is just stunning and this year has been brilliant ... cheers Hilary
    PS - came across after your chat with Ros ...

  6. Thanks very much for your kind words Hilary...and I shall take your advice on the Turner exhibition! And yes, our countryside has been showing off this year....thanks for visiting.