Saturday, 10 May 2014

Busy, busy, busy days

Well, it's been a while hasn't it?

No, I've not been lazing around on some far flung beach, busy doing nothing....I've been working hard, and living life to the full.

I've also been  worrying about my lovely Mum who's been seriously ill, and who's had two operations since January so have been up and down to the West Country ....

Here she is two days after she came out of hospital  for the second time, on Mothers Day

In March I went to my darling daughter's hen do in Brighton...a lovely, life affirming weekend full of laughter, love, prosecco and other shenanigans! Over twenty of us in  a huge house by the seafront, superbly organised by Grace, Ellie, Squeaky, and Emma, Lucy's four was simply wonderful.

Here's my gorgeous daughter and I


 And here's the bride to be , Ellie and Grace the morning after the two nights before....

Since that weekend, time has been spiralling out of control. I have lists, a master plan and two weeks today, it's the wedding! I'm waking up at 4am...lying awake for at least an hour or so, while lists, things to do and other various thoughts flit through my mind.

This morning, I was at our beautiful 12th century village church...for two hours cleaning with friends from the village, getting the church spick and span for a very important day...

There was one very special helper there too....Snow White, otherwise known as Iona Gilbertson Hart,

who was an absolute whizz with a vacuum cleaner

And outside, there was help from the mowing brigade......who are efficient, trained, grass grazing machines

Oh no, we don't bother with lawn mowers in our tiny English village in the land time forgot.

But even these have to have a break every now and again....

So, it's all systems ago go for a traditional English country wedding in two weeks time. There's just one thing now that's worrying me  - the great British weather!

Today's track is one which seems so apt at the's the Guess Who  with "No time". It was written in the sixties.....but I didn't become aware of it until years later. I was at a party in someone's flat, everyone was dancing on the living room floor (the neighbours must have been so thrilled), and there were some Canadians  there. Now the Guess Who are a Canadian band, so when this track began, they went ballistic....singing this song at the tops of their very drunken voices and playing air guitars. I think the song has stood the test of time too....I love it...



  1. Only just catching-up with this, and by now the wedding will have happened! I DO hope it all went happily. I'm sure it did, with such an idyllic setting and such fun participants. Photos, please!

    1. It was absolutely wonderful Pippa! Words cannot describe how I waiting for the official photos but there are some flying around.