Thursday, 28 February 2013

Days of writing, talking and laughing...

It could have been three days and three nights of torture. Being stuck in a  small English town, with four other women of different ages...from very different backgrounds...who didn't know each other.

But when you're a writer, you're nosy, with an insatiable appetite for news and yes, let's call some of it gossip, well, there's a connection.

So who were we and  why were we there?

I met Shannon years ago through a travel forum. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans....I wanted to her to do some two ways here on the BBC. With direct access to what was going on and how the emergency services  were doing..all delivered in a delicious southern drawl..she was a real hit. And we've been friends ever since.

Her daughter Lauren was also there...within a kiss of turning fifteen, she was stuck in a coach house with four older women. Was it hell for her? I suspect not....she's funny, welcoming, and oh so polite. Now that's not your average she destined for a career in PR? If so, she'll be wonderful....

Denise is a food writer, a journalist formerly with the Boston Globe. Feisty , funny, direct...hell yes, she's direct..with such a warmth that we didnt need to turn up the central heating.What a woman!

Here's Lauren and Denise....

And there was|Susan , another travel writer , petite, with a quiet voice compared to some of kind ...who always seems to be catching a flight to the next story.

So the scene was set...we met in Cambridgeshire,in the Fens, in Ely, We stayed in an atmospheric , quirky coach house belonging to an old house right by Ely Cathedral. We were there to write, to eat, and drink copious amounts of prosecco (apart from Lauren of course)

We went sightseeing , Ely Cathedral, the town, a wonderful local restaurant called the Old Fire Engine House,  Cambridge...we sat and really talked....what a magical few days.

Ostensibly we all spoke the same language - English- but with us being from the UK, Lousiana, the East Coast of America, and Phoenix Arizona... our accents were very different. Being called Miss Bridget  drove me into paroxyms of delight....I could have been in a film....I've got to get to the Southern States to hear more of that wonderful accent. And Denise (Holy Shit )Dube....well,she should definitely be in, love!

As for me...well, I hope I've given them a trip around Cambridge that they won't forget, and a  true flavour of some of our English sayings...the rich variety of our vernacular. "Bollocks" and "knackered " seemed to  go down a treat for some reason.

So what seemed to be a one off meeting looks like it will be repeated. We've all got so much material to write about - travel articles, food reviews, we're going to meet up again. Perhaps Italy, who knows where our next journey will take us...but it will be soon. So much creativity, laughs and was wonderful.

Thanks ladies! Until next time.....wherever anyone wants to send us.....



  1. Well, Miss Bridget, what a fascinating meeting. If the next one's in Italy can I come too? You could call me Miss Rosalind if you like!

    1. It was a great weekend Ros...and Italy? Well shannon's the organiser....!As for calling miss Rosalind...I'll give it a whirl later...

  2. Isn't it wonderful to connect with people from all over the world? And they must have loved Cambridge (is it possible to not love Cambridge ...)

    1. Yes it's great jo....and they did love Cambridge.....I really should go more often.Every visit brings new delights....

  3. It's lovely when people come together and it just works.

  4. it is Anne.....and we had such a great time!

  5. thanks hjazel..we all had such a great time...can't wait for the next meet up!