Thursday, 13 December 2012

the missing days

Hello again....after nearly a month of being missing in action ...

So where have I been? Was I sailing the seven seas in the sunshine? On a cruise ship like I used to? No. Unfortunately not.

Was I having a mid life crisis? No.Thankfully not.

Was I overworked and underpaid. Yes, for some of that time.

So where was I?

Well for a good two weeks I was laid low with an infection. I was already feeling unwell  on Children in Need Day, the day of my last post. But, like most women of a certain age, I soldiered on, telling myself it's nothing, just carry on as usual.

Doctors appointments and antibiotics (which I try and avoid like the plague) followed. I was resistant to the first lot and the second lot weren't strong enough, not upto the job. By this time I wasn't upto any job of any sort... work for once, was out of the question.

The doctor said he needed to get the big guns out. He did....and they not only blasted out the infection, they destroyed my energy levels and more besides. Still, I'm back in the land of living, not six feet under - a real bonus ,having read the lists of side effects on each different antibiotic, and experienced a few of them.

Still, I missed the most wonderful wedding....of Rob and Mel. To say I was annoyed was an understatement. I laid on the sofa under a quilt, feverish and shivering, while they walked down the aisle in what everyone tells me was the most magical wedding on a private country estate in Somerset.

I knew Mel would look beautiful...she could wear a black plastic bag and look stylishly stunning. But look what I missed....she took Mr thinking of the days' breath away

They really are a lovely couple..

Since then, the last few weeks have disappeared in a busy blur of work, and .....drum roll....
 the return of the boy, who's back from Australia! it was so wonderful to be able to hug him close instead of blowing kisses on skype.

I think it's fair to say he's had a fantastic two years out there, especially during the last months, sailing in the Whitsundays, skydiving, scuba diving and generally having a blast. Here he is with his friend Lucy....

Since he's been back, he can't get over how cold, how dark and grey Britain is. I wonder how long he'll stay for?

One thing we have got in this country though is a brilliant music scene...and it was great to go together to Lock 42 , a great little venue to see a favourite band whose music is always being played in this cottage.

Of course the other social highlight of the last few weeks was the works Christmas do......and this year was incident and scandal free....which makes a change.

But the amazing Ben Stones...aka my technical bitch who I couldn't do without in the newsroom,  was wearing my intiials on his chest...and I still haven't found out why....

Anyway, normal Thinking of the Days service will be resumed from now the meantime, I'll leave you with this ...from's called Blue Blood



  1. Sorry you've been so unwell, I always take probiotics with antibiotics and it does help. Lovely to have your son back hope he stays.

  2. thanks Anne...yes it's great to have my son back...I wouldlove him to stay....but it's a big wide interesting world out there that I know he's longing to explore...

  3. Oh no, not you too - it seems half the bloggersphere is down with dreadful somethings. Am glad you are up and around again - do hope you can have a peaceful Christmas, though with a son at home that might be difficult?

    1. Thanks Jo....but a peaceful Christmas? MMmnnn..have a house full...all three chidldren and one boyfriend (my daughter's not mine!)

      Because of all the travelling mine do, it will be the first time that all of us will be together for four years.Busy, but lovely....

  4. Oh,I wish I could leap and look beautiful in a bikkini!

    1. Yes...I do too!My ikini days are well and over....and to jump like that without all the wobbly bits shaking like a jelly would be wonderful!

  5. An unfortunate turn of phrase, avoiding antibiotics like the plague! Glad that you're back on your feet again and so sorry you missed the wedding. They look really happy in that photo, don't they.

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