Friday, 2 November 2012

blogging days

When it comes to winning things or awards, I'm usually  towards the end of the queue.

That's not to say I've not won anything at all....oh how I can't forget the excitement of winning a vase in a raffle. It was actually a  rather beautiful vase, but by the time it was sent to me , it was broken.

At charity fairs and fetes, if I ever have a go on the bottle stall, I'm surrounded by people crowing with delight, as they win some really good bottle of wine or even worse, champagne. The only bottle I've ever won was a bottle of vinegar. Yes, vinegar. Not even raspberry vinegar...just plain, boring malt vinegar.

When it comes to awards, well I have actually won one national broadcasting award for an interview I did some years back....but that's it.

But something came out of nowhere this week..something I wasn't expecting. A blogging award. Yipes! Who me?

But, before you get all's not one of these international jobbies, where I went to a fancy pants ceremony, quaffed champagne and had to make an acceptance speech , botoxed and fake tanned upto my eyeballs. Nevertheless , it bought a smile to my face I can tell you....

It was from the lovely Jo at  so thanks Jo!

Instead of an acceptance speech, I'm supposed to tell you why I blog..... well, I just about did that in my last post. But I also must  nominate five other blogs which I find addictive...some are more well known than others

Only five?  I adore reading blogs....but these give me windows into other worlds....

OK, so here they are, and not in any particular order of preference......    Fiona has tried to become self sufficient and I love her stories of growing , making  and chicken keeping with her other half Danny.  this is an absolute must for Emma illustrates  the adventures of her dog Plum..Obviously I'm addicted to this, because for me, Plum looks very like my little puppy Boo......

 Lucy, a twenty something,   lives on the south coast - loving the sea, crafts and photographing her world. (which being her incredibly nosy mother....I love reading about!)  If you like your tastebuds tempted  then look no further. Her food is seriously tasty and beautifully photographed and she's funny too. I've only just become addicted to this.....random letters which illuminate and a letter from 18 year old Keith Richards to his aunt about his new friend Mick, and the letter from a 12 year old boy asking the great architect Frank Loyd Wright to design a house for his dog - and he did!

So I hope you will all have a look at these the meantime, here's a track from a band I've  loved since 2003,and have seen so many times live. I've interviewed them a few times too....

This track is  called "Out of nowhere" and it's by Athlete.



  1. There's nothing wrong with vinegar, my dear! I have a book that lists 100 things to do with vinegar and they're all clean... in fact a lot of them involve cleaning! Is that a photo of Boo or of Plum who you say looks just like Boo. I'm confused. Congrats on the award, by the way ;-)

  2. Hi Ros...I'll have to have a look at that book then! The photos is of Boo...and congrats on your award too!

  3. Bridget, that's so sad about the vase. I'm with you at the end of the winning queue. I did win half a pound of swiss cheese once from a magazine competition. I think the first prize was a car! Your blog is lovely and the award well deserved so quaff that champagne!

  4. Half a pound of swiss cheese? You're definitely at the end of the queue with me! Haven't got any champagne to quaff hoo....