Friday, 12 October 2012

Blue sky days

I've still been looking upwards.....skywards over the last week...I can't stop looking at the sky.

Last weekend Mr Thinking of the days and I went to see our darling daughter who now lives on the South Coast. Boo came too..

Leaden skies , the rain all the way

It was still grey as the eight of us (well, six humans plus Boo and her new spaniel friend called Ozzie) began our walk along the front at Southsea on Saturday morning...

But within what seemed like moments, the world skies were overhead and I could smell the sea.

Instantly I was in happy place...sailboats, blue water and blue skies took me back to family holidays on the island across the water...and to teenager years when I lived by the Indian ocean.

We all walked and talked...upto the Castle...where we sat outside in the sunshine enjoying coffee and for some, huge bacon butties....

But my eyes were still skywards....I've never seen clouds like this in such a deep blue setting

Or perhaps I have, but not appreciated them before. One thing is for sure - there's so much more I need to know about this wonderful world above us. There's a wonderful man called Tristan Gooley who's written books on natural navigation and exploration ...I must get hold of a copy.

Aren't these skies just magnificient? By the way, none of my photos are surgically enhanced....these colours are exactly what my iphone and I see.

The following day, another walk with just family...and my daughter finally persuaded Boo to go near the water....

A lovely weekend ...appreciating simple pleasures, mindful that it will be a while until we feel the sun on our backs, and such beautiful summery blue skies , which immediately make me feel happy..

Today's track is by Jamirquai....Blue Skies


  1. What a wonderful time you all had1 And great photos to show for it.

    1. Yes, I love being by the water...I'm lookign at somewhere warm with sunny sklies for January!

  2. Oh, and I must stop pressing send before checking!

  3. You took those photos with your phone? I'm impressed. I think the one with the little squirls are really aliens though. Boo is growing up. Aaaaah!

  4. thanks Ros...yes all photos taken with the faffing about....simples! Even for me! Next time I see you, must talk about that photography course you went on....

  5. I love clouds too and the skies have been wonderful recently, so blue and crisp. Did you know that there's a Cloud Appreciation Society? There's also a book by Richard Hamblyn about how to understand clouds. You could get someone to buy it for you for Christmas! Thanks for some lovely images.

    1. No, I didn't tknow about the cloud appreciation society! And yes, that could be a lovely prezzie for me.....(hope my family take note!)Thanks Alex.....