Friday, 3 August 2012

cinq jours francais

I popped down to the South of France last weekend. Now that sounds fancy doesn't it? And it was....but it's not something I'm prone to do on a regular basis  you understand. I was there for a special party for my very close friend Jenny.

More about the party (and wow what a party!) in the next post....I'm still thinking about what I leave in or out? Should I protect the guilty? Should what happened in Ceret stay there?

Meanwhile, I love this town near the French/Spanish border. A walled town oozing charm and history, I first came here on holiday eight years ago, staying in a maas three tmiles away. This time I was staying in the town itself....full of tall, narrow houses built higgledy piggledy on narrow streets.

Many of them don't have gardens, just  a roof terrace or a balcony. But however small the space,  there is always room for a pot or two ....or ten....

As well as pots of flowers and herbs everywhere, you can't fail to miss the magnificient oleanders spilling out of gardens, being used as tall edging by the roadsides - the oleanders reign supreme light pink and cerise.....

I adore seeing so many of them under bright blue skies basking in the sun. I know they can grow in England further south, but I've never wanted to buy one. The thought of them in the pouring rain, under leaden grey skies seems wrong would be cruel to transplant them.

And do you know what, I felt just like an oleander by the time when I arrived back at Stanstead Airport...within half an hour I was driving home in squally heavy showers. I wanted to be back in the sunshine under shimmering skies....for at least the rest of the English summer......

I wanted to be back here at the lake near the Plan d'Eau......having lunch, a swim, and a gossip with some of the this time last Friday!

And the track for today... having being forced to listen to Francois Hardy for three days in the car out and about  in Ceret, I'm not choosing one of her tracks!

How about one of my favourite French groups...Phoenix...with "If I ever feel better"....


  1. It looks like a beautiful place, Bridget. Glad you had a wonderful time... Even if it did mean you playing hooky from our crit group!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time and it looks a lovely place too. Sadly we all have to get back to reality eventually.

    1. Reality? I don't mind reality Elaine...I love my life....but I do miss sunshine...and the constant rain drives me demented at times!

  3. It's really lovely Ros...and Im so glad I went...but I did miss you all ...honestly!

  4. I like your, "Just popped down to the south of France" How lovely. Don't you think the sun makes us all much happier? It proves how we enjoy the outdoor life,sitting drinking or eating outside. I like the narrow French street.We stayed in one a bit wider in Barcelona with a small balcony,I could have lived there forever quite easily plus you could see into the windows opposite,better than the television.

  5. Yes, the sun does make me feel better! Sid with feeling, as it's thundering and lighbning and pelting down outside!

    And that lovely narrow street? Two friends ,Bob and Mavis, live there.....

    But aren't you the nosy one?
    I'd be too scared of seeing something I really didn't want to!

  6. Oh! how lucky for you. I have a sister who goes to a differenet part of France every year for a month. She can't get enough of it. We live in Canada so this is quite an accomplishment.

    1. I don't blame your sister...I love France and each area has quite a different identity. I love ceret, burgundy, normandy,Nice and Antibes plus the beautiful Ile de re....we've had very different holidays at each place. And yes we're very lucky to live so close.

      have you joined her in France yet? You should!!!