Saturday, 19 May 2012

Arrival day

Well, it's official....Boo is now ours!

We went to pick her up on Thursday night.,and I thought she might cry or whimper as we drove away.Not a bit of it...she snuggled down in my lap, I spoke soothing words to her, she was fine and three miles later we were home....

Here she is ...looking slightly apprehensive though...."Is this where I live now?"

But within five minutes she was off, for  a tour of the garden....."mmmnnn forget me knots...."

And to play on the lawn....

And then it was time for something to eat and a well earned rest ....

And since then my life has not been the same!

I'd forgotten what it's like having a puppy in the house. The kitchen is full of her things....the quick dashes out to the garden  to prevent widdles everywhere,  the joy of seeing our world through her eyes....everything has become an adventure for her, and such fun for me.

Obviously she's not being left alone at the moment, so with a full day at home, I'd planned to make some rhubarb compote, some jam and sow some more vegetable seeds.

What have I managed to do? Well none of the above for starters, but I have been clearing up after Boo, having lots of cuddles with her....and watching her play.

Would you like to see?

Here's Boo with her shoebox of toys.....

To think, two weeks ago, I didn't know Boo existed - now after two days with us, she's family. She's home.

That brings me to today's track, from Zero 7. I love their music...I can remember being in the Languedoc in France, lying on the banks of a river in the hot sun, listening to the album this is taken from. No sun here today though!

The band have an ever changing line up....and luckily when I've seen them, both times Jose Gonsalez was playing.What an incredible musician, and a lovely man. And Tina Dico - she has the most beguiling voice.

Relax and enjoy this song called "Home"


  1. Isn't she gorgeous! So pleased she's settled in well. I could watch that video of her over and over again. :)

    1. Thanks shirley...she is funny on that video isn't she? Happy times ahead....

  2. Aw she's so adorable. A big change after not having a dog for three years.

  3. Boo is booootiful! I can't wait to see her!

  4. You're not kidding about the change -definitely a life changing and life enhancing experience!

  5. Ros, come and see her! You don't have to wait until the workshop.....bring Mr A too !

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! I want one! - B

  7. I am so so excited about meeting her... not long now! xx