Thursday, 22 March 2012

days in paradise

I haven't posted for a while. I've been distracted. Busy and beguiled by life down under.

Yes I'm in Western Australia..I arrived on 5th March ..escaping dull grey skies and cold weather to sun and heat. The first ten days were quite frankly very hot.And when I say hot I' m talking meltingly and swelteringly hot. Don't get me wrong,I'm not complaining ...but 41 degrees celsius every day for over a week is pretty say the least.

I'm staying in Freo....Fremantle lies south of Perth. Not far away is the wonderful Cottlesloe Beach it -especially North Cott as it's known.

Walk down that path and white sand awaits.....

But I didn't come eleven thousand miles just to see the beaches. I came to see the boy.....who also enjoys being at the beach at anytime...

    My youngest son is spending his second year over here , and I can understand why he love it so much. The weather, the chilled atmosphere, and after  a day at work, an hour or so on the beach for a quick swim  is the perfect start to the evening.

    I'm on holiday...but the boy isn't so I'm also spending quite a bit of time here on the beaches by myself.....without him or the crowds.....just a few birds. and me....


Further up the beach at Grant Street, it's even quieter.There's something quite different about sitting on a deserted beach. Just the cry of the birds,the relentless crash of the waves on the sand, and really having the space and time to really look at what's in front of me.

And when it gets too hot, A  solitary swim in a warm sea.....

But  yesterday morning, I had company.....

What did you do yesterday?

Today's track is something we 've got on repeat in the car....and we singalong to...ou est le swimming pool and Dance the way I feel...


  1. Hope you are having a great time. look forward to hearing more about your trip !

  2. Thanks Mrs H...I am doing! Sunshine , rest, and seeing my son is the best ever way to spend a few weeks.The thing is, I'm so chilled, I've not been blogging as much....!

  3. Oh that sounds wonderful :0)

    Love the music track that you've included

  4. Even though I know I wouldn't be able to cope with such high temperatures, it all looks too darned fabulous! Especially as yesterday you were lounging on silken sand and we were rushing around like mad things with hospital appointments and stuff.

  5. Hi IS wonderful!ANd so pleased you like the song -hope that you manage to get away for a break soon.

    Hi Ros, the temperatures have cooled down recently....for the past few days it's been a lovely 26 -28 degrees, just right for me.Re the rushing least it's good news for Mr A!Won't be long before I'm back at work and rushing around though!